Spreadsheet is throwing error after copy and paste from exce

When i want to paste columns from excel, data are not pasted and in console spreadsheet throws this error: TypeError: this._copydump.outside is null, Any idea how to fix this error?


Unfortunately. I can’t reconstruct the same issue locally.
Can you reconstruct the issue in the online samples or it occurs only for you app ?
( I have checked with the demo at dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxSpreadsheet/ )

We have created demo on our server. When we are using demo on official site it’s working. You can try it on ema.testarea.cz/spreadsheet/samp … usage.html


Sorry, but it still works correctly while checking from my side,
Can you post the full stack trace of the error ( can be expanded in the dev. console )

I’ve been pasting my excel data into the spreadsheet for years and haven’t faced any such problem. If you’ve found the reason of the error, please share as it would help if such problem occurs to others as well.