Spreadsheet plugin doesn't seem to be working


I installed the plugin and activated it. There were no errors.

I created a new page. I used this example: [[spreadsheet?&width=600px&height=400px&id=3&color_scheme=salad]]

I saved the page and clicked preview. The page generates but the spreadsheet is not displayed.

What am I missing?

WordPress 3.5.1. Chocolate WordPress Premium Theme.

could you provide link to your spreadsheet page?


This should get you there. Please note - at the top of the page is an embedded Excel spreadsheet.

do you use mysql database?
There are some problems with connection to database:
cos.nyghtfalcon.com/wp-content/p … hp?sheet=1

Yes. Indeed. The entire site is using MySQL. Several other plug-ins directly access it and there have not been any issues this far with DB access.

Does this plug-in need its own table?

I assumed when I installed it that it would create it’s own table(s) as needed. Is that assumption incorrect? If so, where is the install script located?

MySQL 5.0.91
PHP 5.3.13

table in db should be create automatically, sorry, I did a mistake, connection to database is correct.
But for some reasons code which initialize plugin is incorrect.
It looks like another plugin adds some tags into it. It’s a code from your page:

<script>var dhx_sh;
function onload_func_649477() {
	window.setTimeout(function() {
		var cfg = {
	sheet: '3',
	dhx_rel_path: 'http://cos.nyghtfalcon.com/wp-content/plugins/dhtmlxspreadsheet/codebase/',
	parent: 'spreadsheet_box_649477',
	load: 'http://cos.nyghtfalcon.com/wp-content/plugins/dhtmlxspreadsheet/spreadsheet_data.php',
	save: 'http://cos.nyghtfalcon.com/wp-content/plugins/dhtmlxspreadsheet/spreadsheet_data.php',
skin: 'dhx_skyblue',
math: false,
autowidth: false,
autoheight: false
<p>dhx_sh = new dhtmlxSpreadSheet({
			load: cfg.load,
			save: cfg.save,
			parent: cfg.parent,
			autowidth: cfg.autowidth,
			autoheight: cfg.autoheight,
			skin: cfg.skin,
			math: cfg.math,
			icons_path: cfg['dhx_rel_path'] + 'imgs/icons/',
			image_path: cfg['dhx_rel_path'] + 'imgs/'
		dhx_sh.load(cfg.sheet||'1', cfg.key||null);
	}, 1);
dhtmlxEvent(window, 'load', onload_func_649477);</script>

It must be without tag

Thank you.

Do you have any idea how I can get to the bottom of this? I am learning php - my programming skills are largely in VB, HTML.

Actually, I found the problem and the solution.

The problem was with a plug-in called Short Codes Ultimate.

The solution: I went to settings in the plugin and disabled custom formatting. That fixed the problem.

good work!