Spreadsheet questions

We are evaluating this great application, we need to know:

1- does it have an option to “undo” changes? at least the last one. If I paste data, I want to undo this last pasting action, is that possible?

2- is it possible to hide the toolbar on the top of the spreasheet?

3- Is it possible to use other data source different than MySQL? MS SQL Sever for example.

4- it is saving data automatically, is it possible to change that and have a “Save” button?


here is spreadsheet v2.0 beta is available:

  1. yes, is supports undo operation
  2. no, there is no way to hide top header.
  3. Updated version gives ability to use mssql server
  4. no, there is no way to save data by pressing save button, it was designed to save data only automatically.

Hi, thank for your answers.

Just a question: I tried to set up a MSSQL Server database, but after I click “install”, the sample 01 is open (as if the install worked fine), but no tables are created in the database so no data is saved… any idea? I am using SQL Server 2008 express.


BTW- it looks like the config.php file is filled ok, it says:

$db_host = ‘.\SQLExpress2008’;
$db_port = ‘’;
$db_user = ‘testuser’;
$db_pass = ‘xxxxx’;
$db_name = ‘spreadtest’;
$db_prefix = ‘’;
$db_type = ‘MsSQL’;

a) be sure that you have mssql extension enabled in php.ini
b) try to create a simple php file with mssql_connecto command and db configuration from config.php ( It may be problematic to access express version of MsSQL from outside of VisualStudio environment )