Spreadsheet Startup

I am a complete new boy at this - I want to load an existing spreadsheet onto a website that users can update.

I have run through the Initiation process, run 'Installer successfully and linked to the database.

I have run the Dump file and obtained the following result: resource(3) of type (mysql link)

When I try to run a basic file all I get is a blank screen - the code I am using is attached.


What am I doing wrong?



does any javascript error occur?
Could you provide link to your page with spreadsheet?

The only Javascript error is:

ReferenceError: dhtmlxSpreadSheet is not defined
sheet1.php()sheet1.php (line 14)
[Break On This Error]

dhx_sh = new dhtmlxSpreadSheet({

I thought I had provided the link to the spreadsheet by coding:


Do I have to provide te link initially by coding:




Unfortunately spreadsheet can’t load Excel files. Only data from database which was created during installing.
You may PHP API to export your xls into database. After that you may load this data in spreadsheet from database.

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … heet:start