Spreadsheet with rich text and dropdonws



We are using Spreadsheet with angular, and we have some questions that maybe the forum could help us:
1 - Can we have rich text inside the cells (the same cell with one word bold and other italic, using the html tags for example)?
2- Can we have dropdown in the cells to choose a range of values?
3- Is the Editor line resizable?
3- Can the Editor line have rich text?

Thanks in advance,


Unfortunately currently it is not available to use the richText or the dropdown select box in the dhtmlxSpreadsheet, but we’ll try to increase the number of available editors in the future udpates.

It is not available to resize the editLine, but could you please, clarify the desired behavior in details.


Any idea as to when the dropdown functionality will be available?


Unfortunately, currently, we have no exact timeline for that functionality.
I’ll inform you here about any news on that request.