SQL server

I want to by this tool but i have one question.

I make a xml by sql server. that have a structure of the database.

I use studio 2008 .net

How can i make the xml been read by grid?

they dont load nothing…

The grid accepts only XML data in specific format
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … rt_comprob

Do you have some examples ? i don’t understand how i will make. i have tried and the grid are all the ways empty with my xml.

You can use generate xml stream using a server-side language:


But xml must be in the especial format. Grid has default format, but default can be changed. For example, xmlA format  is native for MsSQL. Please, see the sample in the package dhtmlxGrid/samples/initialization_loading/grid_xml_formats.html (on our web site -  support@dhtmlx.com.