SRN mode

hi. i get  a  gird2,but grid2’s data are not from  loadXML(orLoadXMLString), the Dataest are  from another Grid1 by drap theGrid1’s items to in it.

of course the grid1’s dataest come from loadXmlString(“for exmaple string”); grid1 and grid2’s enableSmartRendering already has been turned on.

At first scroling l the window ,i could see the grid1’s srn mode.And because not data in grid2,so i couldnt see grid’s srn mode.

Then i drag some rows from grid1  and drop them to grid2,Okay,the grid2 has data ,when i repeat doing the drag and drop ,the grid2 's data is big,

and i couldnt see the grid2’s srn mode ,when i do the drag and drop ,it turn to very very slow. how to make it ,sir?

                                                                                                           best wishes for you…




Smart rendering mode can increase grid performance only while loading or parsing data. There is no way to increase grid performance if rows were moved from one grid to another with d-n-d.

With heart thanks for your reply.i wanna to know ,with loading dataest ,must to turn enableSmartRendering on ? or is there other way? wishes to you.


If you want to increase loading performance you should use Smart Rendering mode. Please find more information here … ts_loading

wow… you are great! And do you have a good idea for that when the process throws “row is not exists”  ,how can i  catch the exception ?

mycode is


and do the try{}catch(e){}  is not userful…