SSL and dhtmlxmenu causing 'This page contains secure and no

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We’ve started using the dhtmlxCombo component and now we are seeing the same secure popup issue when we load the page.  I’ve tried to create a simple example and haven’t been able to.   I will continue to do so, but in the meantime I thought I would check in with you guys if you have a fix for this or knew about it.    We tried to compare the changes you made in dhtmlxMenu which solved this problem, but were unable to figure it out. 

Are you aware of this issue with dhtmlxCombo?  If not I will try to create a test case which replicates it.

thank you

carmine marino

We have tested combo. It doesn’t cause the SSL ussue.

Please, provide the sample to recreate the problem.

Sorry about the misdirection.  I was mistaken.   I assumed it was the combo, but it’s actually the dhtmlxWindows component.   We started using both around the same time.  Any way  I was able to replicate it with your examples.   In particular:

dhtmlxSuite2.1 build 90226\dhtmlxWindows\samples\events\personal.html

reproduces the problem.

Thank you again for your continued help


Just checking in to see if you were able to reproduce this. 


Thank you,

Carmine Marino

Yes, we have managed to reproduce the problem.

The fix will be done next week.

Sorry for delay.


Please, try to use fixed file from the attachment. Locally the issue doesn’t appear with it. (16.3 KB)

It appears to have worked for almost all of our uses of dhtmlxwindow.js.   We still getting the popup in one scenario. We are looking into to it.    Will keep you informed.

thank you