SSL and dhtmlxtree

We are having problems with the tree on pages using https in IE6.
The first time we open an tree branch we get the “This page contains secure and nonsecure items” dialog. It only happens when smart rendering is enabled.
If we disable tree lines, everything is working fine.

We are using version 2.6

Is there a solution for this problem?


we have reproduced the problem locally. Lines are represented by background images. And the problem may occur in IE6 when background images are set dynamically.

Unfortunately, currently we don’t know a workaround for this IE6 bug. However, we’ll continue analyzing the problem.

I might have found a solution after reading this article:

I replaced the following code
if (!skip) sN.htmlNode.childNodes[0].removeChild(Nodes[i].tr);


if (!skip)for(var x=0;x<Nodes[i].tr.childNodes.length;x++){ Nodes[i].tr.childNodes[x].innerHTML=’’;} sN.htmlNode.childNodes[0].removeChild(Nodes[i].tr);

in the file dhtmlxtree.js (function _deleteNode line 3297)
It appears to work now (Tested in IE6 and IE8 with compatibility mode), perhaps you could verify that workaround?