Stacked area chart less than 0

Hi can i use stacked area chart with value less than 0 ???

i want draw stacked area mirror relative to the x axis

i have to type of data “in_data” and “out_data”

and i want show “in_data” above than 0 line (x_axis) and “out_data” show under of 0 line (x_axis)

and use type of chart stacked area

it’s possible ???

You can do it only with simple bars, not stacked.

can i start draw stacked area , from -100 ?? not from 0…

something like this

start: -100,
step: 50

Unfortunately no, only from 0

How I can draw any stacked chart, above zero line and under zero line???
It’s not critical use stacked bar or stacked area

Unfortunatelly dhtmlxChart doesn’t provide any stacked types with ‘minus’.

Darya, can i fill area under chart (with type “line”) by custom color (maybe using css styles) ???

Could you provide us a picture (may be you can build any chart sample in MS Excel and paste it here) with expectiong result - may be we can suggest you something…

xls in archive
chart.rar (2.47 KB)

Unfortunately it seems like there is no approach for you. Only lines or bars, but there is no the logic you need…

Darya is there a chance that in the next version of stacked area chart will be parametr for example with name “valign” for each chart

view: “stackedArea”,
lcolor:"#36abee" ,

view: “stackedArea”,
lcolor:"#36abee" ,

and first chart’s with valign=top will be above x-axis, but chart’s with valign=bottom will be under x-axis???

and second question …
Darya, maybe i can rename yAxis labels ??
for example
0 rename to -100
100 rename to 0
and 200 rename to 100 …

About parameter “value”: you can contact us on and your customization will consider.
Aboult labels: there is an option “template” - you can use it to modify scales.

Darya, from your link chart in attached file start from -3 value on y-Axis

for stacked area chart it’s unpossible ???

No. For stacked type charts negative values aren’t supported.

very bad :frowning:

But you can contact us on and your customization will consider.

how much does it cost ?

All these questions you need to ask on provided address.

Darya, I write mail with this problem to but nobody answer me with cost