Standalone buttons with tabs on a ribbon bar

Currently we have a ribbon bar with a bunch of tabs on it. Is it possible to create an additional button on a ribbon bar that isn’t part of one of the tabs? Ideally I’d like to have one dedicated button in my ribbon bar that’s always accessible/visible, regardless of which tab i’m on. Our ribbon setup is similar to the … bject.html demo. I feel like i should be able to add another button outside of the ‘tabs: []’ logic.

There is no native approach, so i suggest you to add dhxtoolbar button the next way:

[code]t = document.createElement(“DIV”); = “absolute”; = “23px”; = “-1px”; = “15px”; = 10000001;

myRibbon = new dhtmlXRibbon(data);
tb = new dhtmlXToolbarObject(t,“dhx_skyblue”);
tb.addButton(“username”, 0, “Special button”);[/code]

Hey that will work for what I need, thanks!

You are welcome!