Standalone Mini Calendar

Is it possible to have a standalone mini calendar (read-only) that I can display in the sidebar of my web pages, ideally with hints/tips appearing when hovering over a day?

I have a full-size scheduler running with data loaded from a MySQL db but can only seem to display a mini calendar when this full-size scheduler is initialised and loaded with data.

The mini calendar needs to be about 180px wide so shrinking down the full-size scheduler does not appear to do the job.

Thanks in advance


With dhtmlxscheduler loaded you can display it’s minicalendar: scheduler\samples\05_calendar\02_without_scheduler.html

Also you can look at our dhtmlxCalendar.

I believe both though won’t give you ability to display tooltips.

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Thanks for the advice.

Is it possible to use the onclick handler in the mini calendar to retrieve info for the selected day’s event/events?

I’d like to display the start date and event description of any events on the selected day but my attempts so far have not worked.