Standard License - Distribution right

Dear people at DHTMLX.

I’m currently working on an open source (GPL) project where I would like to use this components from DHTMLX:


All components except Accordion are allowed to use in GPLv3 projects.

Unfortunately the Accordian is only covered by the Standard License, which doesn’t allow distribution.

Now to my questions:

1)I am allowed to bundle and distribute the Grid, the Layout and the Tabbar to my GPL v3 application hosted at sourceforge, right ?

  1. I am allowed to modify the Javascript code of the Grid and distribute it from your side of view ? (The GPL allows this.)

  2. Could you grant me the right for distribution of Accordion too, so I could bundle it with my application (which will be distributed as souce code files) ?

Kind regards


Actually, these DHTMLX components are distributed under GPLv2. You can find this info here (the components are distributed within dhtmlxSuite package):

dhtmlxAccordion is distributed under Free license, so you can use it in both GPLv2 and GPLv3 projects. Just keep the copyright information that is included in the .js files.

You can distribute the Standard Edition of these components in your application only if it’s licensed under GPLv2.

Yes, if you comply with the terms of GPLv2. And you can use only the Standard Edition.