"Start on Monday, False" doesn't work anymore

I’ve implemented the new (v4) version of the Mobile Scheduler, and the settings to force the datepicker to start on Sunday don’t work anymore.

I have


but it still shows the datepicker calendar starting the week on Monday.

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Sorry - I should update. I’m running v3.5 of the mobile scheduler. “v4” is the full browser version. It also has this problem.

Works locally in both desktop and mobile version.
In case of mobile version - try to add


after setting startOnMonday value

It’s not working for me. Even when I’m just running the “01_init.html” sample, I can’t get the datepicker to start on Sunday. The Month calendar starts on Sunday, but not the datepicker when you go to create a new event. (I believe that the datepicker is new to this version.)

Here’s the code I just tested, from the basic/01_init.html sample:


	<script src="../../codebase/dhxscheduler_mobile.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../../codebase/dhxscheduler_mobile.css">

	<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
		scheduler.config.init_date = new Date(2013,8,12);
			   		view: "scheduler",
				id: "scheduler"

[/code] It shows the Month view starting on Sunday, but when you go to add an event and click the start or end box, the datepicker starts on Monday.

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PS - the desktop version is working. I don’t know why I thought it wasn’t…

Change your code as

$$("scheduler").$$("calendar").define("startOnMonday",false); $$("scheduler").$$("formCalendar").define("startOnMonday",false);

There are two calendar views, one for month view of events, and second for date selection.

That works. Thank you!!