StartDate, FinishDate AND Duration?


Let’s say you have a product where manufacturing should start at 10th of June. Lets say the duration is 24 hours.

We know that we can’t complete the manufacturing until the 15th of June though, because of other products that needs to be manufactured (or holidays, or the machine broke, or…). How can we get that into the Gantt-diagram? We want a start date and a finish date AND a duration that is not equal to (finish date - start date) * hours_per_day…

Basically we want to say that we spent X hours between date A and B, and we want the correct value for duration to be shown in the diagram using the ‘d’ parameter in the description:

    ganttChartControl.showDescProject(true, 'n,s,d,p');
    ganttChartControl.showDescTask(true, 'p,n,e,d,s-f');

Can we do that in v.1.3 build 100805? Is there a newer version that can handle this?