Status Bar Height

I have a Status Bar attaches to each of the cells of my layout and am trying to style it.

I have everything working except the height, it seem that it has a default height of 41px bases on the stylesheet sections I found referenced in the forum.

however when I alter the height it seem to affect only the inner container of the Status Bar, I cant locate the height setting for the main container the .js or the .css (See the image attached)


height=41 is hardcoded in the dhtmlxcontainer.js for dhx_web skin. So, except changes in the css, you need do the following:

/redefine skin before the status bar added/
dhxLayout.cells(“a”).skin = “some”

statusBar = dhxLayout.cells(“a”).attachStatusBar();

/set status bar height/
dhxLayout.cells(“a”).vs[dhxLayout.cells(“a”).av].sbHeight = 22;

/set correct skin name/
dhxLayout.cells(“a”).skin = “dhx_web”;