Status Indicator

How to insert a img/status indicator on grid according with data?

data = 1 color: blue
data = 2 - color: red
data = 3 - color: black


Unfortunately your issue is not clear.
Couldn’t you provide some screenshots describing the issue

Is your question regarding changing the background color of a row or cell depending on the value that is in that cell?
If so, then you should use something like this:

order_grid.attachEvent("onRowCreated", function(){
            if (order_grid.cells(id, 5).getValue() == "Not Available")
            order_grid.setRowTextStyle(id, "background-color:crimson;color:white;");

(Thanks to the support system here for that snippet of code. It’s also just a snippet out of a larger script, so it’s probably missing its closing punctuation.)
You need to attach a function to the “onRowCreate” function. So in the above snippet, everytime a row is created, we get the value of cell at index 5 and compare its value to “Not Available”. If it evaluates to true, then set the css values for that row.