StatusBar API

I have successfully attached a statusbar to my layout, however, it doesnt seem that statusbar.setText() does anything. Where in the docs can I find the api to manipulate this widget.

setText must set the text for the status bar.

Please, see the sample in the layout package dhtmlxLayout/samples/components/status.html ( … tatus.html )

If problem persists, please, provide the sample to reproduce it.

The only thing I can think of that’s different from the example, is that I am using a “full screen” dhxLayout configuration.  I can see the area reserved for a statusbar, but the setText() function
doesnt seem to show the text I assign.  So to recreate, I have a 1C dhxLayout that fills the whole display.

The issue isn’t reproduced locally. We have tested the sample dhtmlxLayout/samples/init/fullscreen_init/fullscreen_inner.html with the status bar.