sticky filters - can filter maintain their values when we re

Hi team,

When we select a filter value then we refresh the grid, the filters are reset and all rows are displayed. We want the filter state to persists after refreshing the grid so that we don’t hav eto mak ethe selection again ?

Is thsi possible?



The grid will not maintain value on its own, technically it possible to catch filter state and reuse it after data reloading

//as part of grid init
var state;
return true;

//after grid reload

Thanks, but there is no such event in our professional release v1.6 b80512? The last release w ehad from you guy swas on 22 May 2008 and we didn’t receive any other release afterwards.

I have looked on the event documentation of the release we have, there is no “onFilterStart” and only “onFilterEnd” mentioned as an event but without documeting how it works or what sort of parameters will be received via the callback handler.

We tried to use “onFilterEnd” event instead which is supported by the current version as follows:

     state=[a,b];  //- b is undefined !
     return true; 

but the browser crashed when we called:


Please advise…

Please check attached sample. (92.6 KB)

Thanks, but this version of dhtmlxgrid.js that you included is missing an API “attachFooter”.


Thanks, but this version of dhtmlxgrid.js that you included is missing an API “attachFooter”.
That is a standard edition of dhtmlxgrid , which doesn’t support such feature.
You can use your existing version of dhtmlxgrid. The only file which probably need to be updated - dhtmlxgrid_filter.js , which contains some additional features, not supported by original release. ( they will be officially released as part of next version )