Sticky Gantt chart heading part


is there a way how to make the heading part (row with months/years) of the Gantt chart sticky to top when scrolling to able to see the heading always no matter where I am currently located on the page?

Thank you so much.

Hello Radek,
Usually, the timeline header is always displayed:

But if you use the autosize option, Gantt expands all tasks and doesn’t have scrollbars. To scroll the date, you need to scroll the page, that’s why the timeline header cannot be displayed at the top:

Unfortunately, there is no way to change that. If you set the fixed position for the timeline header, it will be displayed at the same place, but you won’t be able to scroll it:

You need to implement a custom solution or do not autosize Gantt vertically:

There is an example of the implementation of how to do that: