Store procedure in connector(ASP.Net Edition)


A few days ago, dhtmlx connector was released.

Can I use store procedure?

I couldn’t find how to use store procedure in the manual.

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If you’re going to use stored procedures for insert/update/delete, you may replace standard SQLs for those operations you’re going to use with your own (e.g. stored procedure call). There’s sample dhtmlxGrid/04_custom_sql.aspx that uses this feature:
connector.Request.CustomSQLs.Add(CustomSQLType.Delete, “UPDATE Country SET PrintableName = ‘-------------’ WHERE UID={UID}”);
If we’re talking about select operation, then no, dhtmlx connector has no support for them. You can use table functions instead of tables, but not procedures.


Is current version of connector is support the MS SQL Stored Procedure?
If not, can u please let us know when you are planning to do so?

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Nope, they are not supported.
But we preparing update, which will be released in the next month. And one of addition will be support of stored procedures.

If you need it ASAP - you can contact us directly at , we can provide an updated connector lib ( not final yet, but it is quite stable already )


Is stored procedure calls with select statements supported for Java connector. Please point me to an example/sample code. Thank you.

By the way I have 2.6 professional verison Sorry did not include that information in my previous post.

Please open ticket at and we’ll send you such example

Are Store Procedures Now supported? If so where can I find an example in java

There is no special support for stored procedures, but you can grab latest package …
and use
grid.render_complex_sql("… any sql here…");

with any sql which includes call to the stored procedures or any other operations.