Stored Procedure

how to use stored procedure

If you are using connectors on server side you can use render_complex_sql command with any custom sql inside. Such sql can trigger stored procedure and its result will be used in the scheduler

any example?
i am using

you can find an example in connectors package, please check this file
currently there is no example for scheduler connector, but the usage will be the similar in all connectors

i try it. but it showing Error “Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘Execute’”

my code is :
dhtmlxSchedulerConnector connector = new dhtmlxSchedulerConnector(
string.Format(“EXECUTE SelectEvents”)
, …
, …

I am getting an Error… Can you please help me?

I Attachment the Screenshots of my code as well as output of this code.
Please guide me, its very urgent Please…

Any suggestion?

its very urgent. please any idea?

if i have sql 2012 software only i can able to run stored procedure?

Please replay for atleast this…