Strang Grid issue selecting rows clicking on a splitted col.

Hi everybody

i’ve a strange issue in GRID v. 3.6

i use a grid that have a split at 2nd column (a text description). When i use the grid that can contain a great number of record (i load with SmartRendering enabled) something strange happens:

if i move on a far record moving the scrollbar and then i select a row, i click on any other field the row is correctly selected and the grid remain in the same position showing the selected row, when i click on 2nd field (where there is the split), the row has correctly selected but the grid scrolls to the beginning records. Why ? There are something that could avoid this strange issue, apart clicking on other fields ?

Many thanks.

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reproduced locally.
If the problem still occurs for you please, open ticket at and provide with the complete demo, where the problem can be reconstructed.