Strange behavior with CheckBox "ch"

I’m experiencing a strange behavior when using the column type “ch” in my grid.
The checkbox appears as it is supposed to and when I check/uncheck it, it seems that the dataProcessor sends the correct values (when watching the debug window).

But, at some point the data stops being updated. The grid still shows the last action (checked/unchecked) but if I reload the page, it turns out that data stopped being updated at some point.

Once this occurs, it seems like data will not be updated for any future actions, regardless of whether I refresh the page or not. Any check/uncheck action is ignored after this including the update of any other data like text fields etc.
The grid still responds though and the debug window still shows data sent and an OK reply being returned - but the data isn’t updated.

I’m running against a MSSQL Express database using a HTTP handler (ashx).

Any idea what might be causing this odd behavior?

It seems issue isn’t related dhtmlxGrid and dhtmlxDataProcessor components because of request are sent to the server side as expected.

but the data isn’t updated.
Are you using dhtmlxConnector on the server side or custom code? In case of dhtmlxConnector try to switch on server side logs and check if any error occurs.

It is a custom http handler I’m using which obviously I’m responsible for is working properly. The odd thing is that everything works (the updating of any cell) up to a certain point in time, then it stops updating the data.

I’m aware that this doesn’t have to have anything to do with the grid itself, but I was wondering if you were familiar with any issues working with this constellation - from other customers or whatever.

I just can’t seem to pin point the problem since it is rather simple data and a tiny dataset, so there shouldn’t be any performance issues.

I’m down to it could be the development web server in Visual Studio or the MSSQL Express jerking with me because I don’t see why methods that work at some point should stop working without the code being changed.

A fact remains though - this problem was not there before I changed a cell from type “edtxt” to type “ch”.