Strange behaviour - event on the first section in timeline view dissapear while dragging


Hello, I record this issue because I don’t know why event on a first section dissapear while moving up (but still in section area) Also I notice that this is not a css problem - look at console and DOM tree on video attached below:

Could you point me what could be the reason of this?


Hello @pawelktr ,

Thank you for the screencast.
I tried to reproduce the issue with the latest scheduler, but it works correctly, here is a demo I tried:

It’s hard to suggest what exactly goes wrong in your case without more details, so could you please reproduce the issue in the demo above(open the snippet => reproduce the issue on HTML/CODE tabs => click the “Share” button => post here a new link), or provide me a detailed instruction on how to reproduce the issue?


Thank you for your reply. About reproducing my case it could be difficult because I have all written in Vue.js divided by many files/components, so I can’t copy-paste the code to snippet area :frowning:


Hello @pawelktr ,

I also tried to reproduce this issue in our Vue js demo:

But the event dragging still works correctly.
Highly likely the issue is connected with the custom functionality in your code. If you can’t provide a ready demo or instructions on how to reproduce it, you can try to check out your code on parts that can occur this issue.

The first thing you can check - is to remove all drag listeners, as the issue occurs during the drag operation.

Here is the full list of the scheduler events(drag events containing the drag part in the name):