Strange error in IE 7 and IE 8


i’m having a strange error in Internet Explorer and not in Mozilla about loading data in grid with connector:

In Mozilla the data are loaded correctly…but in IE a popup appear with entire content of xml generated by connector?


Thank u

Pop up with entire content of xml can appear if dhtmlxcommon_debug.js file is attached.

This is not my case…i don’t have dhtmlxcommon_debug.js attached…and why in internet explorer no data are displayed but only popup
and in mozilla all works correctly?

Can you provide example or link where we can reproduce this issue?

this is container:



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and this is the connector:




    function bold_matricola($row)

    $employee_grid = new GridConnector($res);
    $employee_grid->render_sql ("SELECT  hs.loc_code, hs.loc_city, b.employee_id, b.emp_lastname, b.emp_firstname, a.emp_number " .
        "FROM hs_hr_location hs " .
        "JOIN (hs_hr_emp_locations a " .
        "JOIN hs_hr_employee  b " .
        "ON (a.emp_number=b.emp_number)) " .
        "ON (a.loc_code=hs.loc_code) " .
        "WHERE b.emp_status<>'EST009' AND b.emp_status<>'EST011'" .
        "AND (b.terminated_date LIKE" . "'" . date("Y-m") . "%" . "'"  .
        "OR b.terminated_date IS NULL)",

as u can see part of code…( employee_grid.attachEvent(“onRowSelect”,viewtimesheet); ) is missing because the function is declared on another page…
forget it…

What version of dhtmlxConnectors do you use? Please try to update it to the latest version.

my version is 2.5 with 0.95 connector…

the connector has been  modified by support …u can see how in this link: … 43&a=19835