Strange image path to combo_select.gif if integrated with gr


My grid is defined like this:




mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridbox’);


and I have one ombo column. Using integration with dhtmlXcombo. But when open combo I look into Firebug and found out that image “combo_select.gif” is traying to get from “http://localhost/dhtmlXCombo/codebase/imgs/combo_select.gif”. I don’t get where from this “/dhtmlXCombo/” part is from ?

By default excell rely on default package structure.
Please use attached file instead of original one - it will not override custom image path settings. (2.01 KB)

thanks, now it works as expected.

This problem is back with Grid 1.5

Update in code was made after version 1.5 was branched, so it was not included in it.
You can use file attached it this thread - it fully compatible with version 1.5 code