Strange Intranet IE Behaviour blank or empty page

Today i noticed a strange behaviour while I was testing out some dhtmlxform code.
(IE 8 and IE 10, the problem did not occurred in firefox or chrome)

When I loaded the page using the non fqdn in my case server/demo the page became blank after I set focus on a combobox or I clicked on a button.
The browser indicated that I was browsing in the local intranet zone

However when I used the fqdn the demo pages worked flawless.
The browser now indicated that I was browsing in the internet zone.

The security setting in the browser for local intranet where set to “normal-low”

I then remembered/found out that IE is renders local intranet sites in compatability mode even when I use

However adding:

to the section made the page work without any problems

Found out that when I added this meta tag my grid is not rendering correct anymore.

Who has the solution?

Could you provide a demo to reproduce the issue? … leted_demo