Strange issue in grid Splitted

Hi eveybody.

I want to report a strange issue that seems to be a bug. a grid with split at 2nd column.

On grid i’m using onBeforeSelect event to test the click on column 0 (containing a link). In this case i return “false” to avoid the selection of row and the application does something else.

The strange issue is that the onBeforeSelect is strangely repeated two times, the first time the event returns the col_index 0 (the cell in column 0 that i clicked) the second time it returns col_index 2 as i clicked on 3rd cell in the row that is the first after split. The result is that the first two cells of my row are unselected but from the split to the end the row seems to be selected.
Why the event is called two times if i clicked on row only one time ???

Thanks for the attention.

Please is it a bug ?

How can i fix ?

I apologize for the delay.
The issue is confirmed. We’re working on a solution.

Ok Thanks

Will be possibile to have the fix or should i wait for the next version of library ?
i’d need to find a workaround.


hi everybody

Please did you find a solution to avoid double “onBeforeSelect” ?



I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately it is not avilabale to fix the double calling of a select event in case of a splitted grid.
I may only suggest you to use the following fix:

[code] myGrid.attachEvent(“OnBeforeSelect”, function(){
if (myGrid.$beforeclick) return myGrid.$beforeclick === 1;
setTimeout(function(){ myGrid.$beforeclick = false; })


			// myGrid.$beforeclick = 1;
			// return true;

			myGrid.$beforeclick = -1;
			return false;

Hi Sematik,

Many Thanks.

I don’t believe to understand what you do with this code but now all seems running correctly.

Great Sematik !