Strange Popup / Calendar Stopped Functioning


I installed dhtmlxScheduler a few days ago and it worked great; however, after purging my cache in Joomla, the calendar stopped functioning.

Presently, there is a popup when the page loads and the calendar is no longer working:

The popup is the source code of the entire page.
The popup only seems to be active with chrome/firefox/safari.
Screenshot attached for clarification.

I’ve tried reinstalling without any luck.

Any ideas for a fix? Is there something simple that I’m missing? I’d really like to use this component rather than switching to another one.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Again,

I tried completely uninstalling (deleting everything in the db) but I’m still having issues with a fresh install:

Is there a chance that this is conflicting with another component/plugin-in?


I discovered the problem: a conflict with a redirection plug-in (ReDJ): … ction/7189

Must be something related to the querystring when the calendar loads?

Whatever the case, there is a conflict with ReDJ and dhtmlx Scheduler.

I’ll find a different redirection plug-in or simply go .htaccess :slight_smile: