Strange Problem : Calendar not loading the data initially



Sorry to bug you often. But i am facing another one bug in Calendar. I have several appointments for the current week. When the calendar first loads, it is not displaying any events. But if i click “Month” view and then come back to “Week” view, it loads all the events. Please help to fix this.

We have Commercial Version of DhtmlxScheduler.Net fyi.

Thank you for helping.


do you get any js errors, after calendar loads event?
as a quick workaround, you may try manually refreshing the view, when data is loaded



thank you for the quick fix. I am not getting any JS errors. I have little modification in dhtmlxscheduler.js . The requirement is, only paid members can create Recurring events. so added a small condition checking of a hidden field on click of the dhx_custom_button . if not a paid member, it will display a msg to upgrade. thats it. It works well.

I think the pbm comes here,

if the paid member account is expired, then also he is not allowed to create new recurring Events. In this case, if he still have his old recurring events, the calendar doesnt load the events initially. but if clicked “Month” view and then come back to “Week” view, it shows the events. This pbm comes only for “Recurring” Events only.

Thank you for your patience.
Is there anything, am doing wrong? Can you suggest any soln? Thank you very much for helping.


hi Dejaanbu,

I have similar issue as your , please let me know if you have the solution to this.