Stripping Out Underscored Properties

Is there a built-in way to strip out the properties of an event that have underscores?

This includes _start_date, _end_date and _timed

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I need to save those fields on the back end.

Do I need to manually strip them out?

These properties are generated by the scheduler during the processing events, they don’t need to be saved anywhere.
Currently there is no public method for stripping these properties out, you’ll have to do it manually. However this is usually done automatically by the dataProcessor

Yeah, that’s fine. I wanted to make sure that deleting them wouldn’t have any unwanted affects or break something. I have created a manual function to strip them out before saving my events to the server. I am using my own backend solution. For those interested, here is the function I am using to strip out these properties:

for(var attr in evt) {
    if(evt.hasOwnProperty(attr) && attr.substr(0, 1) === '_') {
		delete evt[attr];

Are you deleting them from original events or from your custom data objects ?
Deleting from original events may have some side effects, and not recomended. It will be more safe to create new data object and copy on it only necessary properties

var data = {}; for (var key in ev) if (key.indexOf("_") !== 0 ) data[key] = ev[key];