style in custom filter

I added a table in a grid header to manage my custom filter that use a calendar:


I want to know how I disable the css style that the grid apply to this table since it looks bad (see attached pic)

I need to use a table because I need to use two rows and the text of the first column must be aligned to the right (as defined in the table but the grid style changes it to the left)

Also it changes the cursor icon when I do mouse over on this table

It strongly not recommended to attach table to grid header or to grid cell. If issue still occurs for you please provide complete demo where we can reproduce it. You can find tutorial how to create complete demo here … leted_demo

ok, then how can I show the four elements in two rows and aligned as desired without using a table?

Ok I made it work with


I recommend to add some examples in the documentacion with all these details that are found in the forum

Just to inform that the solution with the floating div doesn’t work on Chrome.

It would be so easy if the grid could accept tables