style sheet issue

I’m using a number of different style sheets in addition to the ones that come with scheduler (embedding scheduler in a web page). Unfortunately the lightbox form elements (input, select) are affected by these other styles in the css files.
I saw a post that discussed a possible solution to this a while back but haven’t been able to re-locate it. Any ideas on how to handle this in an elegant way?

Or alternately, can you tell me where I can find the height attributes for the repeat event box in the lightbox. That may be a lot simpler than modifying css.


You can try to use Wordpress package CSS files, they should include some CSS reset for Scheduler ( … scheduler/).

As for the recurring section, line 263:

button_click:function(index, el, section, cont) { if (! && !cont.blocked) { = "115px";
Though in general that’s a bad idea to edit original source code.

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I don’t see this in any of the .js files. Which one? Maybe I have a different version of scheduler.

Ok I found something that is similar to that and modified it and it works.
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