Styles dataprocessor not shown grid in sync with datastore


in case a grid retrieves the data from a datastore (mygrid.sync(mydatastore)) and the datastore is connected with the dataprocessor, update / insert / delete styles are not shown in the grid.

Following scenario:
We have a treegrid and a grid that shows additional data of the selected treeitem. The used ‘detailgrid’ is connected with a datastore and the datastore is connected with a dataprocessor.
In case we change the content of the detailgrid, the dataprocessor recognize this as expected, but the style of the grid is not changed (marked in bold).
In case we remove a row from the detailgrid it vanishes from the grid and is not ‘striked through’ as expected. The status within the dataprocessor itself is correct.


This is expected behavior, only components which is directly assigned to dataprocessor will have extra styling ( when applicable )

In above case grid sync changes back to datastore but it will not be affected by dataprocessor’s styling.

thanks for update