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What’s the easiest way to apply dhtmlx styles to my form? This form was built without dhtmlx. Just applying class=“dhtmlxForm” isn’t enough. Do I have to build the elements with XML or JSON? There appears to be an HTML only option, but the documentation is confusing. Do you still have to create dhtmlXForm object? If so what’s the 2nd parameter for the structure? Or is it just CSS classes?

You need to create dhtmlxForm object.
You can download it here:

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I have the full dhtmlx library, I should didn’t build the form using dhtmlx. Now I want to add the styles after the fact. I’ve learned it’s not as simple as adding classes. I want to try the HTML method. How is the the form object defined and how is the formStructure created with the HTML method? The documentation doesn’t show this. The initialization section shows building the form structure with an array. The HTML example doesn’t show anything for creating the object or form structure.

Ok, some more info.

I was able to render a button with the dhtmlx style simply by including the css and adding this html:

		<ul class="dhtmlxForm" name="myForm" oninit="doOnFormInit">
				<li ftype="button" name="save" value="Proceed"/>

This can be done without creating a dhtmlx form object. So, this button is being created in what appears to be proprietary and unorthodox. Where is the documentation on how to do other other elements? And why the heck does a button have to be an

  • tag?

    Am I making sense yet? I just want to hijack the form styles of dhtmlx. Why are using the library in other places, but on this particular page, everything is already done without dhtmlx and I just want to add the style/look and feel.

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    form have init_from_ul funcionality so when you have


    [/code] on your page and included form.js - this part of markup will parsed and as a result you will have window.dhtmlxForm variable instance of window.dhtmlXForm

    dhx-form’s inner struct and css not so easy, checkboxes and radiobuttons in dhx-form presented by images, some kind of nested elements also presend, some dynamic calculations, etc. but anyway please provide form you need to show in dhx-style I will try to help.

    you can attach it here or send us to


    done: html form ready to use well-formed and well-positioned (elements and struct)
    required: apply css styles from dhxform to make it look like dhxform

    Sorry for the late reply.
    required: apply css styles from dhxform to make it look like dhxform
    Yes, correct.

    what you think about this style