Styling dhx_cal_header AND dhx_scale_bar


I have searched for my issue but didn’t get anything yet.

I want to do styling to dhx_scale_bar and dhx_cal_header on the basis of dates.

i.e i want to give background or text color to the current date’s date in header.

In below screen shot i want to give green color to the ( Fri , February 8 ) which is current day.
So tomorrow it should give green color to ( Sat , February 9 )

Also I want to apply the css on this header part if i do marktimespans.
If you can see the screen shot there is grey background for past dates. I want same background to their headers.

i’m using markings by this …

var past = {
start_date:new Date(1970,1,1),
zones: “fullday”,
css: “color”,
type: “dhx_time_block”,


Any help?


Color to the header cells can be added only manually.

You should check dates of the current view by getState method and add required styles manually.

As for coloring headers when you use marked timespans - here you also should check if date has timespan and based on this - update header color if it is required.