styling the Status bar

I am using dhtmlx Suite v2.5 pro and have a grid attached to a cell in a fullscreen layout. Within the same cell I’ve attached a status bar to display paging for the grid. Here’s the basic code I used:

//Grid Status Bar

var gStatus = dhxLayout.cells(“d”).attachStatusBar();



//Main Grid

mygrid = dhxLayout.cells(“d”).attachGrid();

I’ve skinned the status bar area with:

#pagingArea {






However the height style never changes and the status bar area is too short to properly display the Paging using the bricks skin. Although the DIV background turns white, the parent area of the status bar continues to be a gray color and 5px’s of gray still shows on the left and right of the paging as shown in the following screenshot: … mal&q=8951 appears to apply to an older version as it seems v2.5 doesn’t use dhtmlxwindow_sb.js anymore.

I need to be able to identify the status bar parent so I can apply styles to it OR be able to alter the styles in the component’s core .js. Please help!!


sorry for delay. The solution can be found here … _to_status