Sub Grid with SplitAt

I have a grid and I am using splitAt on the 3 column. I would like to add a subgrid to it. Is it possible to have a splitat and a sub_grid together/ The reason why I am asking is, I tried to do a splitat and then added the subgrid to the first column, it would not expand. But once I removed the splitat, it was working.



Currently the sub_grids and split are not compatible, you can use only one of those modes in same time
( technically you still can use sub_row , but it need to be placed somewhere in right part of grid )

There were some fixes related to sub_row, so if it not work in right part of split - please contact us directly - we will send you latest js file with related fixes.

Thanks for the quick reply. I did exactly what you recommended. I move the sub grid to the right of the split. works great.