subgrid clearandload

Hi guys,

I have a grid with a subgrid and I need to take an action after the subgrid has loaded, I do this using the event “onSubGridLoaded”. This works fine.

However elsewhere in my code I can reload the subgrid using subgrid.clearAndLoad() and after this I want to take the same action as above, however “onSubGridLoaded” is not fired after clearAndLoad(). I have tried other methods, but I need the row id of the subgrid’s parent row, which seems to be only present in the “onSubGridLoaded” event…

Is there a way I can fire “onSubGridLoaded” after subgrid.clearAndLoad() , or alterntively how can I get the grid row in which this subgrid is contained,


You can attach “onXLE” event to the sub grid. … vent_onxle

Hi Olga,

yeah I am using the onXLE event but what it doesn’t give me is the id of the containing row, i.e. the row that the subgrid is opened from, this is passed in on the “onSubGridLoaded” event function. How can I get the ID of the row in the onXLE event of the subgrid? I tried using grid.getSelectedRowId but I get null.


Unfortunately it impossible to pass id of the parent row to the “onXLE” event handler which you attach to the sub grid object.

thanks olga, Is there no other way of getting the ‘parent row id’ of a sub grid?

Unfortunately it impossible to get id of the parent row if you know sub grid object.

Hi Olga, thats a shame… I don’t know how I’m going to work around this! Surely this is something that should be available to the subgrid api?