Subgrid data disappears on resize


I have a sub grid within a main grid. These are shown as a pop-up using dhtmlxwindows. My question is about the sub grid. Looking at a different post i modified the sub_grid _row.js to set the style as auto, so now the sub grid shows a horizontal scroll bar but when i resize the column the rows disappear and the only the header is shown.

i changed it like this


   = “auto”;


Please help me resolve this problem



What was the reason to change sub grid’s styles? By default sub grid renders without horizontal and vertical scrollbars.


since i am showing the subgrid inside dhtmlwindows, the subgrid doesnt entirely fit withn the window’s container, so i needed scrollbars to show the sub grid content entirely. Please find attached a screenshot before and after resizing.

Sub grid cannot be shown outside the main grid, there no way to add horizontal scroll bar to the sub grid. The only way to show all sub grid column is to increase width of the main grid.