Subgrid display error in first time.

I’m using example at [url]Sub-grids DHTMLX Docs in my code. When I click ‘+’ to show subgrid, it’s displayed but some rows of grid be overlay by subgrid. But when I click hide subgrid, then show subgrid again, it’s ok. Can I fix error?
Here is my code:


First time to show subgrid:

Second time to show subgrid:

Thank you for your help

Change the next line

subgrid.load("wpbalances.php?InventoryID=" + id,"jsarray");


subgrid.load("wpbalances.php?InventoryID=" + id,"jsarray", function(){ subgrid.callEvent("onGridReconstructed", []); });

It will force grid readjusting after data loading.