SubGrid from dragged rows


I have two dhtmlxGrids (in separete iframes) and drag&drop between them works but how would i get it so that when rows are dropped a subgrid is created from dragged rows into a target row? Also when more rows are dragged into the same row they would go into a subgrid if it already exists?

The most simple way - use TreeGrid component which has native support for such functionality ( drop row as child of target row )
In theory it possible to achieve similar functionality with sub_rows as well , but it will require a lot of custom code, you will need
    - handle onDrag event to catch moment when row droped
    - open sub_grid to prepare new sub grid object
    - call moveItemTo , to move item from source grid in sub grid

You are right, TreeGrid seems to be easier way to do it but there is still needed some custom code because layouts of grids differs from each other. So data of source rows have to be parsed and data from only needed cells will be added into a child of target row and also source rows cannot be removed but only copied and also grandchilds are not allowed. I managed to get it working for now, it may still need some finetuning tho but thanks for the idea of using TreeGrid.