SubGrid: On Sub Grid Loaded Event not firing (version 1.6)


I am using DHTMLX Pro version 1.6. I have a grid loaded as XML and the first column of the grid is of type sub grid. I have an event handler attached to the parent grid for the ‘onSubGridLoaded’ but the event is not being fired. The ‘onSubGridCreated’ event is being fired and the sub grid displays the data fine.

1. Below is the parent grid init and load methods:

function initKeyIndicatorLinksGrid( editMode )


            keyIndicatorLinksGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘kiLinksGridBox’);






            keyIndicatorLinksGrid.enableLightMouseNavigation( true );

            keyIndicatorLinksGrid.attachEvent(“onEditCell”, doOnEditCellHandler );

            keyIndicatorLinksGrid.attachEvent(“onSubGridCreated”, doOnKeyIndDetailsSubGridCreated );

            keyIndicatorLinksGrid.attachEvent(“onSubGridLoaded”, doOnKeyIndDetailsSubGridLoaded );

            keyIndicatorLinksGrid.attachEvent(“onSubRowOpen”, doOnSubRowOpen );




        function loadKeyIndicatorLinksGrid() {

            keyIndicatorLinksGrid.clearAll( true );

            keyIndicatorLinksGrid.loadXML( ‘keyIndicatorLinks.xml’, doPostLoadKeyIndicatorLinksGrid );


Below is the event handler for the ‘onSubGridLoaded’ event:

function doOnKeyIndDetailsSubGridLoaded() {

     alert(‘Event Handler: in key details sub grid loaded…’);


The alert message above is not being displayed after the sub grid is loaded and displayed on the browser.

Thanx for your support.

Please contact and provide you ref. ID and we will send you fix for this issue.