Subgrid - problem with selectRow


Here is my problem:

I have grid with connected subgrid (by cell type grid), after loading data cell connected to subGrid shows corrected label for a value, but when I click to edit I don’t have this row preselected in subgrid.

I check it and when I call getSelectedId() on subgrid i gets null.

I try to manuali select right row in subgrid by using:


but it did not work - still null.

My sub grid has tree structure:


Maybe this is a problem?

One more thing connected to tree cell included in subgrid:

How to prevent closing of subgrid when I click on row that is expandable?

In other words I want only the leafs to be selectable.

Please check if “grid” column in the main grid has values - row id’s from the sub grid. If issue still occurs please provide us complete example where we can reproduce it (you can send such example directly to the

Sample attached, just put pro_linked_grid.html in dhtmlxGrid\samples\interaction_other_components and run it.
Testing instructions in HTML file. (2.05 KB)