subgrid problem

Hi, I am trying to create a subgrid in a grid which is loaded with loadXML() method. But I am not seeing the plus image to open the subgrid. It does appear when we use the grid.addRow() method.

Below is the script:

Below is a row from the xml I am trying to load:

<?xml version="1.0"?>



        …/imgs/leaf.gif^Add Payment^javascript:showFeeManagement()^_self

        …/imgs/delete.gif^Delete Fee^javascript:deleteFee(1)^_self

        …/imgs/edit.gif^Edit Fee^javascript:showFeeManagement()^_self

        …/imgs/lock.png^Lock Fee


        Items Payable in Connection with Loan


        Origination Fee



        …/imgs/notesEmpty.GIF^Show Fee History


If cell has “sub_row” or “sub_row_grid” type it’s value shold be any but no empty:
<?xml version="1.0"?>