Subgrid within a treegrid

Hi! Is it possible to have a subgrid within a treegrid? If so, how can i do it?


Technically you can use it in same manner as in plain grid ( just define some column as sub_row_grid), but in existing version subgrids will not react expanding|collapsing branches in master grid , which made them hardly usable.

The common use-cases are
    If you are using same structure on all levels - use treegrid in default mode
    If you need different structure on second level - use grid with subgrids

What I would like to do is: a second level with the same structure and a third level with another structure (subgrid). Maybe is possible in plain grid, but how? Can I have a subgrid without headers? Or maybe multiple subrows?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately it not possible to create such structure with current version of components.
You can have multiple levels in TreeGrid, but they all share common header.
Plain grid can have subgrids with different structure, but this functionality oriented on two levels only.

I also have the same question. I’m using DHTMLX 2.5 professional version. Is this still not possible?
This is the structure I want to have,

Tree Node 1
---------> Tree Node 1.1
---------------------------> Subgrid
Tree Node 2
---------> Tree Node 2.2
---------------------------> Subgrid
Tree Node 1
---------> Tree Node 1.1
---------------------------> Subgrid
Tree Node 3
---------> Tree Node 3.3
---------------------------> Subgrid

Still not possible in dhtmlx 3.0, you can use treegrid or subgrid features but not both in the same time.

Has there been any update on this with v3.6?
Is it possible to have subgrids attached to different levels within a treegrid?
Also is it possible to have the subgrid expand/collapse indicator share the same indicator as the tree column?

Unfortunately it is still not possible.