Submenu / Overflow control ?

Dear sirs

I’m working with Toolbar’s “addButtonSelect” option. Is there a way to activate Menu’s “submenu” and “overflow control” options?

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There is no such ready event handler.
What toolbar structure do you have? May be there is a little workaround…

var Toolbar = new dhtmlXToolbarObject(“toolbarbox”, “dhx_black”);
Toolbar.addButton(“speichern”, 0, “Speichern”, “save.gif”, “save_dis.gif”);
Toolbar.addText(“text_1”, 1, “Datum:”);
Toolbar.addInput(“input_1”, 2, datum_neu, 97);
Toolbar.addButtonSelect(“makro”, 3, “Makro”, [], “Bubble.png”, “Bubble.png”, true, false);
Toolbar.addButton(“close”, 4, “Schliessen”, “Exit.png”, “Exit.png”);
Toolbar.addListOption(“makro”, “makro_1”, 1, “button”, “Name”, “page.gif”);
Toolbar.addListOption(“makro”, “makro_2”, 2, “button”, “Webtool”, “page.gif”);
Toolbar.addListOption(“makro”, “makro_3”, 3, “button”, “Karte hinterlassen”, “page.gif”);
Toolbar.addListOption(“makro”, “makro_4”, 4, “button”, “Kunde nicht vor Ort”, “page.gif”);
Toolbar.addListOption(“makro”, “makro_5”, 5, “button”, “Kein Zugang zum ÜP”, “page.gif”);
Toolbar.setItemToolTip(“input_1”, “Abmeldedatum einstellen”);
Toolbar.addSeparator(“s1”, 1);
Toolbar.addSeparator(“s1”, 5);
Toolbar.attachEvent(“onClick”, function(id) { … }

 Toolbar.objPull[Toolbar.idPrefix+"input_1"].obj.firstChild.readOnly = true;
     inputA = Toolbar.objPull[Toolbar.idPrefix+"input_1"].obj.firstChild;
	 var Calendar = new dhtmlXCalendarObject(inputA);
	 Calendar.setDateFormat("%d.%m.%Y - %H:%i");

Problem is that “makro”-list can have 15-30 items

I looked through. Unfortunatelly, there is no such implementation. This button hase only one items level.