Submit grid to form

I’m not able to submit changed rows in my grid to a form. I’ve inluded js/dhtmlxGrid/codebase/ext/dhtmlxgrid_form.js and put the grid inside form-tags.

But when I do print_r($_POST) I get no variables from the grid? Am I missing something?

By default functionality expects that you are using submit button for form sending.
If you are senging form by js code, you need to add line , which will prepare grid for data sending


Well, I’m submitting with a submit button.  I tried adding this code: onsubmit="mygrid.parentFormOnSubmit()"

Here is my code:












Problem can’t be reconstructed locally.
Working sample which uses the same init code sent by email, after changing anything in grid and submiting the form, data about changed cell included in submit.

Have not received any working sample. Is it possible to post here?