submitAddedRows results

I am trying to use submitAddedRows but it doesn’t seem to affect the values transmitted. Here is my code:


Whether the value passed to submitAddedRows() is true or false when adding row 3, I get

Parameters: {"commit"=>"submit", "action"=>"create", "project"=>"Project001", "controller"=>"lesson_sequence", "customer"=>"Mine", "lesson_new_value"=>"true", "gridbox_serialized"=>"<?xml version=\"1.0\"?> <rows> <row id='1'> <cell>1</cell> </row> <row id='2'> <cell>2</cell> </row> <row id='3'> <cell>3</cell> </row> </rows>" }

How should I receive the “include[d] additional data with info about which rows was added and which deleted”? :question:

You should use:


Thanks, Olga. But it doesn’t matter whether I use true or false as the parameter to submitAddedRows, I still get the result shown. What am I doing wrong?

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Are you sure you are submitting form after you calling addRow() method?

I think I know what happens. I called both submitSerialized and submitAddedRows with the mode set to true. submitSerialized takes precedence. It is sent and submitAddedRows is not. Similarly, submitSerialized takes precedence over submitOnlySelected which takes precedence over submitAddedRows.

What is a reason to use moth methods together? If you want to send information only about added and changed rows, you should use only submitAddedRows(true). If you want to send all grid values to the server side you should use only submitSerialization(true).

Now that I understand submitAddedRows, I will not use them both together. The documentation for submitAddedRows says ‘includes additional information…’. With no other documentation, I assumed that it modified the action of submitSerialization to include additional information. I was not able to find any mention of submitAddedRows in the GUIDE portion of the documentation.